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3 Lessons From Moving

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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My wife and I are getting ready to make another big move. While we are packing, I am beginning to look back to some other moves I have made in my life. There are some trends I began to notice. Maybe it’s just me but there are some lessons I am beginning to look at from the mistakes I’ve made moving.

1. We pack away too much junk that we will never use.

I may be over critical. I am looking at how much my wife and I are blessed with stuff… and I wonder if there are items we will ever use. There are boxes in the attic that have yet to be opened in three years. There are totes full of decarations that never make it on a tree or out of the box. This items take up space. They take effort to move from room to room and place to place. It’s energy that’s being wasted.

Sometimes in our lives we allow the meaningless to take away all of our energy. We choose household chores rather than spening time with family. We allow busy work to overtake our connections. In church we may focus on the structure more than ministering. What clutter get’s in your way? Is it time to toss the junk?

2. Failure to look ahead and be prepared amplifies the loss of what’s important

It was my second time moving. I was in college and I had gotten sick. This put me behind in my class and I had to make a choice. I decided to drop because of being unable to keep up with college, work almost full time and spend time with my fiance. After dropping I had to move out and move out fast. I didn’t take an inventory of items, I did not label boxes and take care in packing. I just threw things in boxes and moved. This was a mistake, a BIG mistake. I lost something valuable in the move. My wife still holds it against me. I lost her class ring.

When we fail to plan and be organized we will lose what’s impoartant. Life gets chaotic. I know this. We have appointments to hold to, work, school, ministry, friendships and anything else that takes our time. It’s easy to forget to look ahead and get into a rut of looking day to day. I am very guilty of this. But, if we forget to plan ahead and take inventory of what’s important we will lose what is most valuable to us.

3. If you fail to unpack you will never get to use your gifts

After life change or after a move, you must unpack. It is always interesting to find what items that you forgot you had when you unpack. It amazes me how much quality stuff I have that I have never used because I forgot I had it. I’m excited to go through the boxes after we move and figure out the treasures that I have never used.

The same things happen in our personal lives. God has given us spiritual gifts and talents that we never use. We fail to look at what God has granted us in our lives. We must unpack our gifts and talents and see how God wants them used. This means we have to experiment. Try out some different ministries. Try couseling, teaching, praying, serving in any way shape and form. If we don’t we will never see the potential God has in our lives.

 There are many other ideas rambling in my head on what I personally need to learn from moving. This is only the beginning. Maybe you can relate, maybe not. This is my ramble for the day. God bless.