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Posted: September 10, 2012 in religion
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What is your take? Do you believe in Creationism? Do you beleive in Evolution? Can you mend the two together?

Personally I believe in the 6 day creation, that God created everything in completion. Evolution is a theory that is unable to be proven. On the side of education shouldn’t the school be teaching to broden thought by teaching more than one theory? Some would say, and I can’t deny it, that the school system is now in the realm of science trying to convince people there is no God. It takes the point of view of atheism and does not allow any other lense of thought.

What are your thoughts?

CNN Belief Blog

By Eric Marrapodi, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor

(CNN) — Bill Nye does not think that children should be taught to deny evolution, and a YouTube video of him explaining why has gone viral. The CNN Belief Blog’s report on the video has generated around 10,000 comments and thousands of Facebook shares since Monday.

There were some broad themes in the comments, reflecting a debate that is largely unique to the United States.

While Christianity is booming in Africa, Asia and Latin America, creationism is not, Penn State University religious studies professor Philip Jenkins writes in his book “The New Faces of Christianity: Believing the Bible in the Global South.”

Here are five schools of reaction that have emerged in comments:

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