Josh Griffin interviews Jeff Foxworthy

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Jeff Foxworthy is one of my favorite comedians. Everyone knows “here’s your sign” and have a few of your own. He never fails to crack me up. One thing I didn’t know about him was that He was a Christian. I knew most of his jokes are clean and hilarious but I did not pay attention to his personal life. I’m sick of hearing celebrity gossip and I really don’t care too much about their personal lives. I am not able to talk with them on a personal level so why would it matter.

Jeff Foxworthy is now the host of a new game show, The American Bible Challenge. I’ve seen an episode but I don’t watch regularly due to not having cable. Josh Griffin had the opportunity to interview Jeff and I highly recommend reading it. Check it out on Josh’s blog. 



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