Tonight’s random ramble.

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I haven’t posted for over a week. My goal is to post more often than that so I am going to ramble, to follow the true nature of the title of this… well blog. Life is insane with moving and trying to keep up with school and life. 

I feel very welcomed at the new church my wife and I attends. I am looking forward and trying to discern what God has planned. I have found something out while looking ahead. I HAVE NO CLUE! And that is okay with me. I see doors opening, relations building and I am getting pumped.

We are studying a book on Wednesday nights. It’s called Prodigal God by Timothy Keller. The church is 4 chapters in but we just started. One thing it has reminded me is how much I have missed reading and praying with my wife. When we dated and did it all the time. Sadly, I allowed life to get busy and stopped. I wonder if I lead like I’m supposed to. I think it’s time to step up more.  (One thing about writing a rambling post is the topic changes and my thoughts change constantly.) Anyways, it’s about the story of the prodigal sons and father. You should check it out! You will not look at that parable the same again. It also has been kicking me in the face. I have to self reflect and look at how I am just like the younger son and just like the elder son. (If you don’t know the story read Luke 15.) I have learned one thing. I have to self reflect a lot more. I need to look at my weeknesses and where I am struggling.

Well this ramble is done. Not profound but it’s something. I will hopefully post a real post here soon. One is brewing that I’m excited about but not quite ready to ramble about.

God bless.

To check out the book click the link below.

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    It’s Ethan…

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